Podere Mocai - accommodations in nature, Montieri, Tuscany

If you want to make your son happy, give him a day of adventure and fun, making him feel the protagonist of a film at Indiana Jones.

For children there is nothing more fun and adrenaline-filled than to test your skills by climbing trees with the help of lianas, Tibetan bridges, ropes and nets.
All this in complete safety.
The adventure parks with which we collaborate are suitable for the whole family and allow you to live a unique experience immersed in unspoilt nature
Podere Mocai - accommodations in nature, Montieri, Tuscany

" 75 avventura"

The Adventure Park closest to Podere Mocai is in Montieri and is located at the sports association 75 Avventura.
The fascinating world of tree climbing and hanging games awaits you in a magical and unreal scenery with water and unique limestone formations.

For info on costs and reservations:
Simone Tel (+39) 334.224.8003
Podere Mocai - accommodations in nature, Montieri, Tuscany

"il tasso scatenato"

The Adventure Park "Il Tasso Scatenato " is about half an hour by car from the farm but it is worth the trip given the wonderful location where it is:

is nestled in the pine forest adjacent to the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Follonica and Cala Violina, caressed by the gentle breeze of the sea and shaded by the foliage of the majestic pines.
The air routes are suitable for both adults and children and are divided by level of difficulty.
Inside the park there is a picnic area and a bar.

For info on costs and reservations :
Tel. 3311062475